Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Simple Chic Cunningly Clever

Twenty8twelve’s new collection offers an exciting colour range that takes you from bright orange and fuchsia to some gorgeously soft pastelly colours like old rose’ and soft ashy greys. Mix in some clever little prints and you have your must have staple items, very conveniently all in one collection. 

If that is not enough and you still need some more convincing then I will just have to let the materials like the super soft Silk, Leather and Cashmere do the rest of the talking. 

I’m in love with most of the collection as all items are just so elegantly simple and easy to combine but if I had to pick favourites then I would have to go for this lovely knitted jumper /dress combination and this super cute little baby doll number.



Monday, 16 April 2012

Super Bathing Oil to the Rescue

If you're feeling down and need a good pick me up, take out a half an hour of your busy day, dip yourself in this little piece of luxury bathing oil and I promise this will do just the trick!
Only good things seem to come out of morocco these days and this Moroccan Rose Otto bath oil from Ren is certainly one of them.
One small cup full of this liquid gold and your bath is transformed into one soothing and relaxing oasis using only 100% natural ingredients. The precious steam distilled Rose Otto Oil combined with uplifting geranium oil and many other beneficial ingredients moisturises your skin and leaves it feeling super soft and rosy-without the unpleasant sticky feeling afterwards.
A 110ml bottle comes to around £30.00 and while it is more of a luxury treat and it is just all too tempting to slather it all over yourself I try to use it only every other week and the lusciously dreamy smell makes it perfect to use
for a special night in or before a big girls night out!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Almighty scrumptious delicious delightfulness

Amelia Rope's chocolates offer some truly delicious combinations like Pale Lemon And Sea Salt for example or mandarin and dark coffee bean. They don't come cheap but for real chocolate lovers like me these are definitely worth the extra pennies. You can taste every little ingredient and you can tell that these are quality bars made with one very special ingredient called love!

If chocolate is not your thing this will do as a fantastic gift. What can be better than giving love, concealed in a bar of chocolate - alongside a big bunch of her favourite flowers that is of course...
To get your hands on a piece of heaven simply take a stroll down to Liberty London on Regent Street or Selfridges on Oxford Street if you're in London.

You simply must give these little pieces of heaven a try! x