Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Place I ('d love to) call Home

 A teeny tiny victorian cottage!
All I would need is a little extension for my shoes and bags...

Know your Designers #1

Andrew Gn

I would like to introduce a new favourite Designer of mine and I can't believe that I have never noticed him before. Andrew Gn, born in Singapore, opened his very first own Atelier in Paris 1996 after studying at the famous St Martin's School of Art in London and working as First Assistant for Emanuel Ungaro for one year. His work is known for having the most intricate details, luxurious fabrics and his immaculate handiwork.

He says of himself 
What I'm doing isn't trendy. I'm like an ostrich. I do what I like and I follow my own way of doing things. That means that my product is very individualistic. A woman won't go to a party and see five other women wearing their dress. It's very exclusive.    Andrew Gn -
Women's Wear Daily

If you too want to find out more about Andrew Gn you can find his collections at Harvey Nichols London  or online on

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello gorgeous!

How to wear it? Why not try this casual chic look?

Carla Bruni

Flats Spring 2011


The cold and dark winter nights are over and the first rays of warm sunshine are waking me in the early mornings. . . This can only mean one thing! No more hiding in humongous coats, thick socks and boots!

Ladies you better get your pedicures quick because it is SPRING TIME!!!

All our favourite brands have come up with an absolutely marvellous collection this year and I'm literally drooling all over those lovely flats!

It was so hard to choose but these are my favourite four;
Miss KG - Licorice £40.00

Dune - Bud £65.00
Jimmy Choo - Warwick £250.00

Bertie - Seattle £65.00

I know I've gone absolutely chiffon  frill and bow crazy but I JUST CAN'T HELP IT!
They are soo gorgeous!    What do you think? x

Something to check out

There are soo many music blogs out there but one that never disappoints and thatI have been following for a good three years now is

It's got everything and anything from indie pop electro to dance.
Whether it's a quirky remix or a mix tape, It's the first blog that I check out whenever my play list gets a little bit boring.

It also features some really cool pictures alongside the actual posts.

I absolutely love it and its definitely worth checking out!

Bloomin' blooming!

pretty pretty things-

Monday, 28 March 2011

I just came to say Hello!

My name is Nina and I will be writing about everything and anything  prettyfascinating, cheerful, gorgeous, trendy, cool, interesting or noteworthy that is happening in our little world.
Lifestyle, fashion or beauty related, everything and anything you can think of.