Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Red Carpet Ou La La's #1

I have been wanting to post this dress for ages now and only just rediscovered it while doing the Ready to Wear Spring 2012 report. Yes there are mixed throughts out there as we have all seen on E's Fashion Police (I do love Joan Rivers, she's just too funny) but I just cannot deny that I am completely in love with this dress. The handywork of the lace pattern and the cut off are absolutely to die for and Gwyneth certainly is one who can pull this look off.

Both my thumbs up for this one, what do you think?

Wuhoo or Bohoo?

There is a totally enormous dinosaur in my garden!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Magical Delightful Glittery-ness - For Less

Ou La La! Look what I have found!

It really was only a matter of time and someone just had to copy
these ultimate must have sparklies!

You can now get a slightly different version of the aaaaaamaaazing
Silver Glitter and Black Suede Peep Toe Ankle Boots from Miu Miu
from around £550, for only £80 from yours truly, Topshop.


I'm not really sure what to think of them, as, to be very honest, Miu Miu's original version is simple shoe perfection; The shape - especially the rounded off back, the heel height, they just look so much more skillfully designed AND you get GLITTER AAAND SUEDE IN ONE SHOE!!!! It's shoe heaven!

What you think about them ! Would you Save and go for the Topshop version or Splurge on the original? x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What A Clever Bean This Is

Can you imagine a world without a nice hot cuppa coffee in the early hours? Certainly not me! Admittedly its not for everyone but I would strongly suggest that you might want to reconsider because you don't actually need to like the taste of it to reap all its beautiful benefits.

A little guilty pleasure of mine is to use the warm grounded coffee that's left after brewing the coffee as a really amazing natural body and face scrub! Simply take a little bit, add a few drops of water should it already be too dry and gently rub it all over your face and body! Should there be any of the actual - drinking - coffee left, I like to mix that into the warm water in the tub as this seems to really do the trick with my skin and hair and leave it ultra smooth and soft.
As you can imagine, especially in the morning, the strong coffee smell will take the rest of any sleepiness that's left in you right out and you'll feel fresh and ready to fight the day!

ATTENTION I do recommend doing this only when you are taking a bath as you will very likely end up with a huuuge mess around the house... And also apply the grounded coffee to exfoliate your skin only at the end of the bathing session as otherwise it will all end up in your hair and is a nightmare to get out (I know what I´m talking about....) !